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How to replace ink in HP DeskJet printer - fix problem with printer cartridges

HP Printer doesn't print - paper is empty ? Check this tutorial video to fix this problem by yourself.
If your printer does not print but throws out blank pages it probably need new ink.
If your #printer is out of ink and you wonder who to replace empty cartridge with the new one - this #howto is for you.
If you have complete new printer out of the box - here is the video about setup installation.

This video could be made thanks to https://all4home.rating-review.eu

Thanks for 5000 subscribers and see you later. It was BB Walker
Emily Anderson : That was good ar 2:29 Printer please print something - will this spell work at any kind of printer problem ? :D

my HP Deskjet F380 All-In-One Printer

F380 by HP..

Ask me for the best info.. :)


Error lights HP Deskjet ink-jet printers

What to do if a light is blinking on your HP deskjet control panel.
What do the control panel error LED indications mean (HP Deskjet F300 inkjet printer series and others)

What to do if a printer Won't turn On

How to clear the print queue manually:

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