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Aston Martin: DBS vs DB9 and Vanquish | Top Gear

Jeremy test drives the flashy Aston Martin DBS.
Taken from Top Gear Series 10, Episode 6.
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Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official Top Gear clips. Whether you're searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

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Kobe Bryant : The DBS has a timeless design
Imperial Diecast : You take this design, you apply the basic package on the DB9, you make everything a bit better on the DBS, and then you crank things up even more and add lots of carbon fibre for the Vanquish.
Panaceias Úberes : This and the Alfa Romeo 8C are, for me, the best tests by Clarkson. They pushed me into work hard in order to get both of them in my garage.
Mohammad Usman : Astons may not be fastest or quickest. But they are the most elegant and the most luxurious performance cars in the world
Formidable Legend123 : I like the vanquish better for some reason.
Chris Gamble Gamble : No offense to the new cast but there's nothing like old school TopGear
Royce Verus : To me this DBS is the best looking Aston Martin ever made. I just love it!
Dr. Etzor : Tbh i'd buy that Aston Martin just because it has the "Diamond" key, because it just looks so good.
Ivan Bima Prasetyo : Probably one of the very few cars that really is timeless and beautifuly design. And it's one of the few cars beside Alfa Romeo Brera that i just can't mess around with the design when i play it on the video games. Not even changing the wheels
matrixx : They call it an emotional control unit
got one of those allready......the government
i don't like that either

Diamondback DB9

Shooting, showing, \u0026 discussing the DB9, one of the very smallest 9mm pistols on the market.
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James Looker : Review the new Gen 4 please!
Darcy Telaro : Can you do updated review on gen 4 ? Lots of fixes and 8 years later it should be better?
Greg Nicon : Nothing in these world is 100 percent reliable....people or their inventions....I have the latest version of the db9, the gen4, and I think it's a fantastic carry gun especially considering I got it for less than $250 brand new
Armando Ramos : Do the Daimondback am2 review please !!!
Brad Bricker : I have a db9 and mine gets jammed up at times and I was wondering should I trust my life with it or get rid of it.
David Tate : I got a few pocket rockets.conseal carry gun
Self-defense .backup gun.
Michael Tanner : Can u review the diamondback db15 plz.
Fallensky The Musk Deer : Hello Sir Hickok tar tar tar tar tar tar tar 45
Evan Gregg IV : Would love to see a review of the DB9 gen 4 to follow up this.
Larry Ahee : Don't say machine gun the fun police will come after you know having fun

Diamondback Firearms DB9 Gen 4 9mm Pistol Review

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Furion : ...wouldn't hurt a bit in a real-life soft target situation when adrenaline flows freely.
Confusious : If you have an earlier version like the gens 1-3, can you upgrade the Barrel to a Gen 4 and shoot +pc's.?
Old Cowboy : I've got one. Works great. North of 600 rounds through it with no issues.
Candyman : So far, I haven't been impressed with the quality of the gun. It misfires almost every round. I took it apart, oiled everything heavy with the hopes that I would have better results, but no. I will send the gun back. At 2:41 he says he's not sure how he is missing the target from 12 yards away LOL! The same happened to be, then I realized that the allen screw on the sight wasn't tightened down, after wasting a box of ammo.
Matthew Gorman : They have one of these at my local gun shop for 200 in black and silver. Wondering if it's worth it.
Joe S. : Thank you sirs! That’s some pretty home ammo for that little guy too. Lol. Sig ammo is good stuff. No weak sauce. Great choice to break a pistol in. That or Fiocchi 115g. Idk though about that db9. Honestly if I want to put something powerful in my pocket. It’s prob gonna be ruger lcr 357.
THEDCCOF1977 : I picked up the DB9 about a year ago and threw on some G43 night sights and the gun has been amazing. Small package with a big bang!!! So yes you will feel it after a box of 50 ammo... However if you use the Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain, it feels soo much better.
You should also be able to shoot pass 12 yards wiyh good trigger technique using the guns reset point... 25 yards is ideal and I've seen some do a 40 yard hit with it. I was like WOW!!!!
As for the magazine release, it's 6+1, if you need more than that, you need a different ccw! It does the job, it meets my needs, and for the price of the gun and sights, it's a great comparison against the Glock 43...

It has been well worth the price I spent to carry a light, 9mm, reliable gun...
Hands down this was my 2019 gun of the year award with all their new changes to this model...

One last thing to note,

Stick with what they suggest of Hornady Critical Defense.
turcitox : This or a hi point?
chaburchak : Over on Buffalo's Outdoors channel, in his "Mans Gotta Know His Limitations" series, he was putting 3 out of 4 shots on steel out to 60 yards with this little gun. Shows what the little booger is capable of...
chaburchak : Great review, and good shooting too! Nice to see the Diamondback getting a little more attention. This latest version is quite a step up in quality and reliability. And Gen 4 magazines are finally showing up again...just ordered three more from Palmetto State Armory... :-)




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