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Dot matrix printer in action

A 9-pin dot matrix printer (Oki Microline 321) printing out a test page on a low quality setting. This is a farly large (and heavy) A3 format capable printer. Please comment, rate and subscribe!
Sam's Entertainment : The sound of being sat at an airport gate waiting for this to finish printing so we can board the aircraft
Alexander Melnichenko : 0:35
dethmaul : "I'm glad you like the leaf, Benjamin."
Samsung 12 : This noisy weirdo is still used in malaysia. Im wondering if this thing is obsolete or not
WiseAssGamer : Ah, the sounds of my elementary school computer lab back in 1987. You can't print banners with today's printers.
Modi Heer bh : End
Erich Jeske : Treiber für ML OKI 390 Elite gesuchtder unter Win 10 funtioniert
Farah Alghamdi : K
Reddit Barista : That's so fuckin loud
Iacon Dawnshire : Printer goes BRRR

Bioinformatics: Dot Matrix or Diagram method explaned #1

One way to visualize the similarity between two protein or nucleic acid sequences is to use a similarity matrix, known as a dot plot. These were introduced by Gibbs and McIntyre in 1970 and are two-dimensional matrices that have the sequences of the proteins being compared along the vertical and horizontal axes. For a simple visual representation of the similarity between two sequences, individual cells in the matrix can be shaded black if residues are identical, so that matching sequence segments appear as runs of diagonal lines across the matrix.

Some idea of the similarity of the two sequences can be gleaned from the number and length of matching segments shown in the matrix. Identical proteins will obviously have a diagonal line in the center of the matrix. Insertions and deletions between sequences give rise to disruptions in this diagonal. Regions of local similarity or repetitive sequences give rise to further diagonal matches in addition to the central diagonal. Because of the limited protein alphabet, many matching sequence segments may simply have arisen by chance. One way of reducing this noise is to only shade runs or 'tuples' of residues, e.g. a tuple of 3 corresponds to three residues in a row. This is effective because the probability of matching three residues in a row by chance is much lower than single-residue matches.

Dot plots are one of the oldest ways of comparing two sequences.They compare two sequences by organizing one sequence on the x-axis, and another on the y-axis, of a plot. When the residues of both sequences match at the same location on the plot, a dot is drawn at the corresponding position. Note, that the sequences can be written backwards or forwards, however the sequences on both axes must be written in the same direction. Also note, that the direction of the sequences on the axes will determine the direction of the line on the dot plot. Once the dots have been plotted, they will combine to form lines. The closeness of the sequences in similarity will determine how close the diagonal line is to what a graph showing a curve demonstrating a direct relationship is. This relationship is affected by certain sequence features such as frame shifts, direct repeats, and inverted repeats. Frame shifts include insertions, deletions, and mutations. The presence of one of these features, or the presence of multiple features, will cause for multiple lines to be plotted in a various possibility of configurations, depending on the features present in the sequences. A feature that will cause a very different result on the dot plot is the presence of low-complexity region/regions. Low-complexity regions are regions in the sequence with only a few amino acids, which in turn, causes redundancy within that small or limited region. These regions are typically found around the diagonal, and may or may not have a square in the middle of the dot plot.
Bitter -Truth : Very amzing
Daniel Tavares : shit bro you are amazing
Chris B. Bloe : Thanks so much
farah roaster : If we do not put dots we put number like 1 2 3? Is it ok
AbuFatimah Alali : What is the difference between homology and similarity? I guess here you mean similarity.

dotmatrix - Cetus

Neon Nuggets : Thanks guys!!!

100 views on a video I thought I’d be the only one to watch is crazy! I may upload more often...
Mr Epic : 1min 41seconds. That's what I need in my life 24/7.
Thomas Dastillung : Very cool song.
Flarbo Warbosims : The year is 2120. The geo-engineering of mars has rapidly declined in the last year from its decades of success. Major dust storms are ravishing surface colonies while underground colonies deal with unknown tremors. A massive solar storm has caused malfunctioning for all technology, and a lack of communication back to earth means you're completely cut off. A renegade living between the hive colonies, you must now embark on a survival mission on this turbulent planet, and research ways to restart the geo-control station.

Good luck.
frencheneesz : This is great! Have you made other music??
Gábor Németh : Hell, I am going to purchase a bassline, this song made to do it:) I've been always in love with the sound of the legendary tb303 and even if this song may not utilize that synth, I instantly associated to that.
Excellent work, excellent sound! I really appreciate that the rhythm is not the usual house/techno style with the kick drum on every beat.
Keep it coming!
aatwo : Love this track
Scheren Schnitt : This is so awesome. I just heard it in a mixtape here. And came her to hear it again and again. Somehow it remembers me the musical mechanics of Smetanas " Moldau/Moldova" or how ever the river is called in your country.
dungsoup : This is just what I want to make. I mean, what a sound! It'll be a perfect reference for me when I get start making music. Thanks a lot!
Samuel Snow : this is really awesome. btw you've been featured here:


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