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MIPRO ACT-5800 Series Digital Wireless System

MIPRO ACT-5800 Series has more compatible channels in one single frequency band and effectively avoids interference from the UHF and 2.4 GHz communication products. The receivers can pair with the ISM 5 GHz antenna system for a wider operating range and better signal stability. It can be widely applied in hotels, schools, commercial or home karaoke, musical instruments and the most popular live stream market.

This series consists of ACT-5802 dual-channel, ACT-5801 single-channel 1/2U receivers with built-in antennas, and ACT-5814A quad-channel, ACT-5812A dual-channel 1U receivers with detachable antennas operated in the ISM 5.8 GHz frequency band. Compatible with the latest ACT-580H handheld and ACT-580T bodypack transmitters having the patented AA batteries/Li-ion battery compartment and USB Type-C charging socket.

1:38 ACT-580H handheld /ACT-580T bodypack

Product Info: https://reurl.cc/xGR175
Global distributors: https://reurl.cc/ZGp08W
Official Website: https://www.mipro.com.tw

Music: www.bensound.com
Kevin Pritchard : Would love to hear some audio samples of this system (with the handheld mic), especially against competitors.
我愛勸老師 : 請問如何購買

MIPRO MI-58 Series Digital Wireless IEM System

The MI-58 digital stereo IEM system operates in the ISM 5.8 GHz spectrum. Due to the wider bandwidth property, it offers wide 20 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and very low audio latency.

The MI-58, providing 24-bit digital audio, has an engineer mode and networking interfaces designed to better meet the specific needs of monitor engineers. The MI-58TD transmitter also has an (Audinate) Dante audio networking interface.

The MI-58 product family consists of the MI-58R stereo bodypack receiver, the MI-58T stereo half-rack transmitter, the MI-58TD stereo half-rack transmitter, and two optional stereo earphones, designed to supply balanced full-range sound reproduction and solid isolation from ambient noise.

0:23 MI-58T front panel
0:59 MI-58T rear panel
1:45 MI-58R

Product Info: https://reurl.cc/VE9RYN
Global distributors: https://reurl.cc/ZGp08W
Official Website: https://www.mipro.com.tw

Music: www.bensound.com
Manuel Peña Ruiz : Mipro systems are AWESOME
I've been using in ears since 2000 and have tried almost every system on the market since then. Shure, Sennheiser, audio Technica, etc and have to say the MI909 is by far the best performer. Used to love my AKG4500 but the MI909 is much better: better range, better audio, better headroom
I don't work for Mipro and this is my honest opinion. They are not paying me a cent to share my thoughts on their systems.
Guillermo Ursini : I have one here in Miami, sounds great, MIPRO always good products!
ProAudioOM : Very nice system.
Sounds very good!
Easy to work with and a powerful headphone preamp.
Yoohan Ko : Is there an antenna combiner that will work with this unit? I want to build a rack with multiple units.
Konrad Zawisza : How long does the battery last?

ACT-2400 Series 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Systems

32nd Annual NAMM TEC Awards




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