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Convert Raw to DNG? You might be making a mistake

You can convert your raw pictures into Adobe's DNG format to improve performance \u0026 save space... but it can break everything if you use a non-Adobe app to edit the raw files later. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

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Vivek Sawhney : Question: I just bought a Sony A7 III and I'd like to use uncompressed RAW to shoot. Sony doesn't offer lossless compression, and some people have apparently been unsatisfied with the quality of the compressed file. The DNG format kind of solves the compression issue, but it does create all the issues you have mentioned as well as some others. One of those being that the focus point data and other metadata may be lost or become essentially inaccessible. I'm pretty confused about this RAW/DNG issue in general. What would you recommend in my situation?
mk0x55 : Hi Tony! Thanks for a great video. I can't agree to the size advantage of the DNG compared to RAW as my experience shows the opposite. Having pre-processed RAWs in DxO PhotoLab (that does optical corrections similar to Canon's Digital Lens Optimizer), the files are about 2.5 the size of the original RAWs. I'm shooting a 5DsR and the DNG files are typically between 170 and 210 MB while the original RAWs tend to be between 60 and 100 MB.
To explain why I convert to DNG at all (which is a big nuisance to me, actually): Since XRite's ColorChecker doesn't generate ICC profiles, just DCP, I have to do that conversion, apply the color corrections and then export as TIFF/JPEG with final adjustments.
Maigonis Elleris : One thing to keep in mind. If You apply to contests then some contest require that You have original RAW file. Converted file to DNG doesn't count as original RAW.
twotone1a : Since at least the K-5, Pentax cameras give you the option to shoot in Pentax's proprietary raw format or in DNG which is great, no conversion required. For all the +ve reasons Tony mentions, DNG probably comes out as the best option - unless your using Pentax pixelshift (and hence probably using Pentax's version of Silkypix to process the images).
Colin Robertson : I was just revisiting this topic myself, so this video was very timely and helpful. Is there a difference in the files created from a DNG HDR merge compared to using say CR2? I thought I had heard there was more headroom... Thanks Tony!

DNG vs RAW - What's the Difference?

Hello my friends, in today's video we'll tackle the DNG vs RAW debate. I'll discuss the difference between these file types, the advantages, and disadvantages. In the end, you'll understand how they differ and which will be suit your workflow.

0:00 Welcome Message
0:40 Introduction
1:10 What is a RAW file?
2:57 PX Presets Advertisement
3:49 What is a DNG file?
6:06 Advantages of DNG
9:40 Disadvantages of DNG
13:21 Conclusion - Should You Use DNG?
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M Ark : Superb video, thank you.
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DNG Movie 2014

DNG Jigging Reels
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