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BasicTutorial // Flash pro 8 || Basic stick look and animation

You wanna learn to draw and animate basic stickfigures?
Then watch this little tutorial I did. If the video goes to fast for you, just watch the parts again :)

I'm drawing with a wacom intous 5 tablet for smoother lines.

(it's my fist tutorial and I know there are some mistakes...lol)

If you got a request or questions about stuff...
Ask me, I'll help you or make a tut! :D

Comment, rate and subscribe :)
Thanks, BasicTutorial
Fxfrank TGA : This video is almost 10 years old, and I know people will come here when trying to learn how to animate. Animating isn't an easy thing. It takes a whole lot of patience and practice. No one was perfecr overnight. So never give up.
Killahsnail : if the stick isn't moving you can add multiple frames with selecting the keyframe and pressing F5 so you don't have to redraw it every frame.
Qunson Marynathan : I am just new to Flash. And this was a precious treatment to me. Thank you.
xKJx25 : P.S. Your tutorial has been the most helpful. I'm more amazed at how your hand is freally used to drawing the stick figures flawlessly!
ShunHasFun : Wow that 10 parts of Stick body REALLY helped me! I'm making one animation now and I might soon post it too, thanks man :D

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