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Rafael Nadal - Ultimate competitor ᴴᴰ

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WivoRN Productions : The best tribute of the year and surely one of the best tributes in Tennis history..The clips selection, the music, everything is just perfect. Thank you so much my friend for taking the time to make this happen...
nba 2k19max : the most physical, the most mental, the most talented player in the history of tennis.
Oimpie : Absolute brilliance. This montage. I swear, you and Lehunterpro are sincerely the very VERY best at making these types of video's! No doubt about it, for me.
And that's not to take away the montage or compilations/videos on the best players of tennis, a lot of the tennis YouTube community is making very good to excellent work.

However, these.. I guess I should say movie-quality video's you and lehunterpro make, are amongst the best tennis contest ever to exist on this website.
Please keep doing what you're doing! :)

You have my personal eternal gratitude for making every Rafael Nadal related video, for he is without a shadow of a doubt, my personale favorite tennis player ever!!!

Saleha G : This season has been heart-breaking, astonishing and amazing. He's played at such a high-level since his comeback in 2017! It's absolutely incredible what he manages to do every year.. all that passion, effort and intensity! Sometimes I cannot believe it's 2019 and these guys are still playing; such a privilege and a joy to watch. Your Rafa videos are spectacular!
Lilbird : A god on clay, a legend in tennis! Only Rafa Nadal could achieve such a comeback! Many thanks to Owl Productions! AMAZING 12th TITLE! Something u read in fairytales that come true!

2019 US Open - Promo ᴴᴰ

US Open 2019 - Trailer

Music : The score - Legend
► Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/owlproduction67
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#usopen #federer #nadal
aRLosandy : Better than 90% of the sports promos I see on actual sports media channels, apps, or streams! Well done!
Rahul Thakkar : The legend is back
Uly sse : Le hiboux ! De retour et incroyable vidéo !
Olly Paton : Here when US Open 2020 was announced
SENSUAL TEAM : Well done man

Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Endless Fight - Re-upload ᴴᴰ


Song : Razors out - Mike Shinoda
Roy Boy : Best rivalry in tennis
Conara : Amazing job again mate,i enjoy watching your edit through the years,greeting from Serbia!
Marooned : Even though I’m huge fan of Rafa,i really liked “Novak Djokovic what are you doing?” part:) Great work as always ;)
Jorge Fernandez : In terms of legends the best two clearly for me are Federer and Nadal. But in terms of greatest rivalry for me is this, because Nole is the only tennis player who won more against him that lost and actually in the head to head to Rafa is above him and is so tight (29-27) and thats something even Roger could not say.
Severo Arteaga : Its nice to see you again here. Wonderful edit as usual my friend, keep going. Greetings from Canary Islands!




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