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여름노래 신청곡 연주/람쥐드럼 라이브

후원계좌 : sc제일은행 619-20-273910 권하람
(천안,아산)레슨문의 / 카카오톡채널 : 람쥐드럼 / instagram : ramg_drm

Amazona.de Test: Traps A-400

Traps A400 NC Acoustic Drum Kit Demo in Kwesi's Corner

The Traps A400 NC is the first portable kit to feel and sound like a regular drum kit. See what Kwesi has to say about this set-up!

Buy Traps Kit: https://goo.gl/ZUvBng

Call the store on 02072281000 or e-mail: sales@drumshack.co.uk for information about any of these products.

SHOP: http://www.drumshack.co.uk
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Drumshacklondon
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/drumshacklondon
TWITTER: @Drumshack




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