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Maribou State - Tongue (feat. Holly Walker)

Maribou State - Tongue (feat. Holly Walker)


Taking you deeper...

Maribou State

Holly Walker

Released by Southern Fried Records

Picture by Angela Mary Butler

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PatrykNotPatrick : this song feels like walking outside 1 am in the morning and the world was ending
Rimante Stankunaite : No light when I ask you, that's a shame
No high better than you, easy
I'm tripping over my own tongue
Desire, like an illness, chokes me
You lit me up so smoke me

You made it so obvious that you're not in love
You never gave a damn bout us cos you're not in love

No time to regret this, what we've done
Still I second guess it, cold feet
I'm tripping over my own tongue
Love has been and gone and now I'm numb

You made it so obvious that you're not in love
You never gave a damn bout us cos you're not in love

Rolling down into the wildest dream
You sent my soul downstream
Luvi!! : This song makes me feel so many emotions at once
Idk what's wrong with me

It’s 2021 and I didn’t know I had this comment-

Thank you so so much for the likes and comments! Have a good rest of your day!
Bonnie Kemp : If I feel asleep with this music my Paralysis demon would be Vibin.
arleth : Is it just me or does this song make me feel some type of way..i don’t know what it is though. I’m in love with this song like fr I listen to it going to sleep and it just makes me feel like I’m in a another world/dream

MNEK - Tongue (Official Video)

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Clayton Brown : SO refreshing to see a black gay man celebrating his sexuality like this, and being proud to be who he is. REPRESENT MNEK!!!
wesley : y'all better stop sleeping on MNEK .. he's INCREDIBLY TALENTED
Qawiiah Bisiriyu : this is sooo good..... I'm just really annoyed that so many people are STILL sleeping on mnek in this day and age. Like..... seriously???!!!
Laura Dove : When the British accent comes out - yes!! Proud
jay willingham : I've been following MNEK since I first heard his collab with Zara Larson, and have noticed that he gets little to no hate, which is testament to the respect he commands through his talent and spirit. Hes like a bubblegum pop genius.

maribou state - tongue // slowed + reverb

Artist ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
I only edited the music and I'm not the owner of the gif

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Write in the comments what song should i edit next!
Thanks for watching
#music #reverb #slowed
intensescreeching : TikTok isn’t so bad, it’s introducing us to a lot a lot of good songs.
Kobe Lambert : This could defo be the theme song of some Netflix series.
xXHottestcutestasianbabygirlXx : If i was a famous actor I'd love to have an edit of me with this song eye-
Ronit Patni : nobody is talking about this part 1:15 damn the vibe i get is kinda unique
Yesi A : 3:48 feels like a beautiful, terrified girl slow motion running in the dark in pouring rain, always looking behind her and it feels like we’re the ones chasing her closely behind...Is that 2 much?




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